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About Ads On Our Sites

Third-party advertisements on GreaterGood

Why Am I Seeing Advertising on Your Websites?

While visiting the GreaterGood family of websites, you will see advertisements. We appreciate your interest in learning more about how and why we use these ads. As a company that’s given more than $50 million to charity over the last 20 years, we’re always looking for ways to maintain our operating expenses without cutting into our charitable donations. Our site-appropriate ads do three things:

  • Raise money for our charitable partners;
  • Underwrite our operating expenses so we can give more*;
  • Advertise our retail merchandise — which also supports our charity partners!

*Note: 100% of the money you donate via our Gifts That Give More™ program goes to charity. The operating costs, such as bank fees for processing credit cards, are paid for by GreaterGood.

What Kind of Ads Can I Expect to See?

Sponsor Ads: Our site sponsors are partners in our mission to connect people to the charitable causes we support worldwide. When you visit any of our websites and press the Click-to-Give button, you’re taken to a Thank You page where you’re shown small ads placed by sponsors who specifically support our company mission. We tabulate the number of people who view each ad and bill the sponsor for each ad impression. We give 100% of sponsor advertising fees from these ads to our charitable partners.

GreaterGood Retail Ads: Just as our Click-to-Give websites say: Our store helps more! We’ll show you ads for merchandise we think you’ll like (such as pink ribbon apparel for our Breast Cancer Site visitors, or paw print jewelry for our Animal Rescue Site fans). A portion of the proceeds from each item sold provides even more money for our charitable causes.

Network Ads: You’re probably already familiar with ads from networks such as Google AdSense which appear all over the internet. Anytime you see an ad on one of our sites with a triangle icon and the words “AdChoices,” you’ll know the ad originates from Google AdSense or another network ad partner. These dynamic ads are specifically chosen by our network partners to be of interest to you. GreaterGood does not select which network ads appear on our websites.

If you prefer, you may opt-out of Google’s targeted advertising at any time by clicking here and following the instructions.

What to do if you see an offensive ad: We do not accept any advertising for gambling, pornography, liquor, firearms, or tobacco products. We do not accept ads we believe to be deceptive, ads from spammers, or ads inappropriate to our mission. While we try to proactively block ads that violate our high standards, occasionally inappropriate network ads may slip through. Please email if you see any such ads and we’ll do everything possible to block the offending advertiser. We value your feedback!

Thank you for your interest in GreaterGood and our efforts to make the world a better place through charitable giving. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email our Customer Service department at

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